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Move-o-scope - an App for Moves

Tracking our daily movements is something that has only recently got really easy, due to GPS trackers in mobile phones and on iPhone at least, changes in the way apps can run in the background and M7 processor which reduces power usage for always on tracking. Moves app was one of the first to take advantage of these changes. Moves is a GPS tracker that runs in background on your smartphone (iPhone/Android) and displays your activity as a daily timeline. Move-o-scope is one of the most interesting apps to appear for Moves.

So, what does Move-o-scope do?

Move-o-scope uses, with your permission, the Moves' API to visualize your movements over time on map.

Picture of map

Move-o-scope shows you on a map the walking, cycling and other movements you did over the entire period you’ve been using moves. Rather than display these day by day, these are displayed on top of each other showing interesting patterns for routes you walk for example. You can then filter this by time of day in various flexible ways and by date. You can, for example, filter the data to just show where you spend your weekends or just evenings, so that the daily commute doesn’t polute the map. It’s certainly interesting to see, I very often walk particular routes and in-fact it’s been over a year since I’ve walked in particular directions - I think I need to mix it up a bit!

Place details

The other neat feature, is that it tells you where you were typically before visiting a place and where you went on to next. Also, it tells you the days and times you visited the place. No great surprises in this data, like after work I usually go home. However, it is a good way to hop around the places you’ve been, Additionally it gives you interesting stats about the times and days of week you visited those places, highlighing patterns in your routines.

Move-o-scope can be a bit slow load the first time you use it, though I think it’s worth the wait. Move-o-scope and Moves are both free.

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